Journal of a 77 Year Old Gay Man Coming In For the Final Landing

Into The New Year 2019

Ron and Pat at Alfred's Coffee House


Here we go folks, another new year. Little did I know I would live this long. A long time ago, when I was just a young man departing from the Army (1963), I thought I would be lucky if I lived until the next century.  And here I am, nineteen years into the 21st century. I am now an official Old Man. And you know what folks? This life isn’t all that bad.  Oh sure, I have my aches and pains.  I worry about if I can keep up with my insurance payments that keep increasing every year.  I’m working now part-time but there will probably come a time in the future that I won’t be working.  Right now we have a two income household with Bill’s Social Security monthly payments but Bill is ninety years old. That household income source will probably end in the next ten years. That is a concern to me folks, I would have to “cut back.” But all that is in the future. I concentrate on the now.

Next month I depart for California for a two week stay with my Canadian Best Friend Pat F. We will spend a week in West Hollywood and another week in Palm Springs. Best time of my life folks. Four times a year Pat and I get together for a trip; twice a year in my old hometown of Philadelphia and once year in Pat’s hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I’ve had more health issues in the past five years that I’ve had in my previous seventy years. There will probably come a time when a health issue will ground me. But for now folks?  I’m enjoying life to the fullest.


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