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Up, Up and Away!

Good morning folks! I’m up in the sky right now. Specifically I’m 35,000 feet above the continental United States. I’ve been flying on this U.S. Air jet for the past four hours. I only have an hour to go until I land in Los Angeles at LAX.

“So how was the trip so far Ron?” you ask. Very good! Other than the cramped quarters where I am typing this blog posting (first time I’ve ever blogged 35,000 feet in the air – do I qualify for the “Mile High Club?”), everything went well at the Philly airport. I got through security without setting off any alarms. In fact I even got a pass on taking off my shoes. Maybe they know my feeling about that silliness of taking off the shoes. Maybe not. Maybe I just got lucky.

Well folks, I think I have this traveling thing down pat (no pun intended) now. I printed out my boarding pass at home. It worked at the airport. I got a regulation overhead bin sized bag so I didn’t have to check in my luggage. That worked! And I didn’t have to poop. Had to pee several times which caused a minor disturbance to my two very nice seat mates, They had to get up each time I had to go to the loo which is located right across from our seats. I’ll have to rethink choosing seats the next time when I make an airline reservation.

So in less than an hour I’ll land in LA. Pat is also in the air. I haven’t been able to text him (don’t know why, someone tell me what I’m doing wrong) but I’ll catch up with him at LAX, Should be fun.

Sorry about not being able to post any photos. I tried hooking up my iPhone to my MacBook Pro laptop (which I am using right now) but all kinds of funky things were happening. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

This is exciting folks!

Ron and Pat’s New Adventure

Ron hugs Pat

Happy new year folks!  I am back to my long neglected Word Press blog.  I have decided to blog regularly (he says) on this blog.  So here goes folks!

I won’t go over my history since I last posted (a couple of years ago) but, instead I will tell you what I’m going to do this year.

My next adventure is with my new pal, my Canadian (Toronto) friend, Pat.  Pat and I met through my blog.  Actually he saw my picture on the Internet from my testimony before the Delaware State legislature in the spring of 2013.  He liked what he saw (my image) and did and Internet search and viola! He found my blog and left a comment.  I just happened to be on my blog and responded to his comment right away.  He was surprised.  He left another comment “You’re there!”  

We exchanged comments back and forth then I asked him if he  had FaceTime.  He did but never used it. I FaceTimed him, several times.  We became FaceTime friends.  I made a casual suggestion that, should he ever venture to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, perhaps we could get an old time photo taken together.  Much to my surprise he was available, having just recently retired from his job at the Toronto Police Department.  He had the free time and was up for a holiday.

This was August of 2013.  He drove down from Toronto to Lewes.  After an initial mixup about his hotel reservation (they didn’t have his room reserved) and me misidentifying him when I went to meet him (I thought he was the parking lot attendant ready to give me grief for parking in the hotel parking lot), we met and had a wonderful week.  A week that I will remember as long as I live.

Thus began a great friendship.  Pat is the person I’ve been looking for my whole life. I’ve been looking for someone like me.  He is me.  In fact, we have been mistaken for brothers in three cities: Philadelphia, Lewes, and Toronto, by strangers who stopped us and asked “are you brothers?”

Since that initial meeting Pat has visited me in Delaware four times. Last year on my birthday we visited and stayed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last August I got my passport and visited Pat in his spectacular minimalist home in Toronto, Canada.  “Spectacular minimalist” – is that an oxymoron?

This year we decided to celebrate our winter birthdays (mine in November and Pat’s in December) for a visit to Los Angeles, California.  We’re leaving on January 7th and returning on January 17th.

Return to this space and I’ll tell you all about it.

And this is the way I’m staring off my new year folks.  Going on an adventure with a wonderful new friend to a new place which I’ve never been before.  I’ve always wanted to travel but have never done much in my life.  That’s about to change.  Better late than never!