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Visit To My Dermatologist

Ron's Head Bandaged

This afternoon I visited my new dermatologist to have a wart removed from my left forehead.

This wart popped up like a volcano about a month ago.  Since I have a history of actinic keratosis I thought it wise to have it checked out.

Normally I would visit the Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical Health Center in Wilmington for my dermatology needs but I had just made my six month check up visit in December.  I didn’t want to go through the stress of scheduling another appointment so soon.  I decided instead to see a dermatologist on my own closer to my home which is near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I saw an ad in the local newspaper.  I called the number and made an appointment for today.

This afternoon Bill drove me down to the Medical Arts Building in Rehoboth Beach, which is on Route 24, the John J. Williams Highway.

I didn’t have to wait too long for my doctor.  His name was Dr. Chang.  Ironically, my very first visit to a dermatologist was whenI worked at Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia, PA.  I made an appointment with a Dr. Uy at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.  I’ve come complete circle.

Dr. Chang took one look at my “wart” and said it could be skin cancer.  I haven’t had skin cancer…yet but both my brother and Mother have had skin cancer so it does run in my family.  The good doctor numbed my head and then cut the “wart” off.  He said he would send it out for a biopsy and call me immediately if they find out it is skin cancer.  He took one stitch to close the cut to my forehead.  It hurts.

I go back next week to have the stitch removed.  He will also remove a mole from the small of my back.  I’ve had this mole removed twice before in the past twenty-five years but it has returned.  It bothers me so he said he will remove it, making sure he gets to the “root” of it.

This is my second posting to my Word Press blog.  Please excuse any awkwardness.  It will take me a few posts before I get my sea legs.