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High Anxiety

high-anxietyOne day to go before I board my flight tomorrow at Philadelphia International airport for my trip to Los Angeles. I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I’m experiencing some high anxiety here today.

This morning I printed my boarding pass.  Hopefully this will lessen my stress tomorrow when I arrive at the airport at approximately 6:30 AM.  Last time I was at the airport (for my trip to Canada via Buffalo this past summer), I was running around the airport like a chicken with its head cut off looking for the boarding pass machine.  Things had changed a lot since the last time I had taken a flight which was in 2000 when I went to Disneyworld.

I’m packed, I have my board pass and I have my ride to the airport (thank you Monica!) Now all I have to worry about is that I have a proper BM  before I go.  Getting up at 3 AM to get ready for Monica picking me up at 4:15 AM for the two hour drive to Philly International airport will totally disrupt my plumbing expectations.

When I was younger I didn’t have these concerns.  Didn’t think much about it actually.  Especially in the Seventies when I used to travel (by flight) two, three and even four times a summer to visit Provincetown, Mass.  Oh those were the days, the care free days when I didn’t stress out over such mundane things like I’m worrying about now.

All I know is that I will be nightly glad when we’re safely landed in Los Angeles and settled in our Hansel and Gretel bed and breakfast.