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Heart Test Results

ImageMet with my cardiologist yesterday.  He reviewed the results of my recent series of tests, including a stress test.  Good news, I’ll be around a bit longer.

He did confirm that I have an extra heartbeat, sometimes.  It went away during my five minutes treadmill stress test.  He also said the “other side” of my heart was only pumping at 50% capacity but again not to be too concerned about that.  He said that could be because of my age.  There we go with the “a man of your age.”  Well, I will be 71 years old in a couple weeks.

He told me that I could get a catheterization then I would be “absolutely sure” there was no blockage.  He said the chances of complications were one in a thousand and he was “very good” at catheterizations.  This  procedure would be through my groin.  I am very hesitant to undergo such an invasive procedure.

I decided not to get a catheterization.  We’ll meet again in January for a followup.

In the meantime I go on with my life, somewhat relieved for a “man my age.”