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Friends – Past and Present

Pat and Wayne

Current good friends, Pat and Wayne (aka “The Cajun”) from last year during our Kalmar Nyckel outing.

I have been blessed in my lifetime with many good friends.  I don’t know exactly why because I am a bit on the goofy side and don’t have anything particularly interesting to offer besides my childish (some say “immature”) enthusiasm.

During my school days I always had one good friend.  Not particularly gay, just a good friend that I could pal around with.

My first good friend was “Chubby”, who wasn’t actually chubby at all.  His real name was Dayton S. but I guess he was a chubby baby, that’s why he got stuck with that monicker. We were good friend from the time I was four years old until we moved from Washington Avenue in Downingtown when I was eleven years old.

120 Washington Ave

This is the only picture I have of us together.  I’m the tall kid, third from the left looking at something (a grasshopper) in my hand.  “Chubby” is standing next to me holding his grasshopper next to his head.  My brother Isaac is holding the baseball hit looking at us, trying to figure out what we were doing with grasshoppers (I won’t’ tell).

When our family moved from Washington Avenue to Boot Road my new best friend was Larry, who I am still friends with to this day.  Larry and I were best friend up until ninth grade at which time his family moved and I moved on to new best friend.

Larry, Pamela and Ron

Larry, on the left with his date Pam and me on the right (my date took the photo).  By the way, my two best friends up until this time were straight as are many of my friends to this day.

After Larry left for his new school my new best friend was Bill B. Another straight guy.  We were in band together.  Bill played the bass drum and I played the Sousaphone (don’t dare call it a “tuba”)

Bill Brookover

Again, best friends until I left high school at which time I joined the Army and got a new best friend.

Now this is where my life really got interesting.  My new “best friends” were almost all gay.  No sexual activity mind you (what was that and what did I know about THAT?) but we tended to migrate toward each other.

My first new gay best friend was in basic training and his name was Mike Tine.  I mentioned his last name because maybe he will find this blog post by an Internet search of his name.  Oh I would love to hear from him and find out what he’s been doing the last sixty years.

Ft. Dix New Jersey

Mike is to the far left on the bottom row of our Army basic training photos.  I am to his immediate right.  I guess we became best friends because of the closeness of our names.  But we were definitely simpatico although I was not sexually attracted to him.  I like him as a friend though.

And, with in keeping my new Word Press blogs short, I will end this post now.  I may pick up on this best friends theme in future postings.