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Hollywood Here We Come!


Holllywood Bed and Breakfast Hotel

Only two days now until I get up at 4 AM in the morning of Wedneday, January 7th to catch my ride with Monica to the Philadelphia International airport.  My flight leaves at 7:35 AM for Los Angeles.  I will arrive in Los Angeles at 10:46 AM.  The flight is six hours long but Los Angeles is three hours behind us here on the East Coast.  In Los Angeles I will be meeting my Canadian pal Pat.  He’s flying in from Toronto, Canada at about the same time.  We meet up at the airport, rent a car and head on down to West Hollywood and the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast for ten days of adventure in Los Angeles.

This morning I drove the ten miles to Rehoboth Beach on this very mild (68 degrees) Sunday.  January 4th and 68 degrees?  I’ll take it.  A bit windy but with the mild temperatures, very enjoyable.  Actually I was a bit overdressed with my sweater and jacket.  Today I was on the edge of the continent, looking at the Atlantic Ocean.  Next week I’ll be on the other edge of the continent looking at the Pacific Ocean.  How cool is that?